IT NETWORK, INC. offers complete system monitoring and troubleshooting over the web. Now, you don’t have to wait for someone to come to your location. Remote Support allow us to log in through your current internet connection and diagnose your PC problems from our office or from one of our mobile technicans.

We guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction on all services

Remote IT Support

Remote & telephone support will give you instant resolution when day to day issues arise

IT consultant Services

When there is a problem in your network, days of productivity can be lost if you have to wait for an IT consultant to come to your office and fix your problem.

IT NETWORK, INC. offer a fast and effective response to minimize downtime for your business. We can help you to increase your business's efficiency, decrease cost of operation and improve your competitiveness. If your Server or PC can connect to Internet, we can connect to you remotely, within minutes.

From experience, we know that majority of the problems can be solved from a remote location, within minutes. Most of our services are available remotely to you wherever you are. This can be extremely advantageous as you don't have to wait for the engineer to come down to fix the problem.

An Instant response from a skilled engineer will save your valuable time and money. Remote support services can be used to support for your network, servers and workstations.

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Our online Remote Support is abosolutely secure

Citrix Remote Support

Security Key points

Our online Remote Support is abosolutely secure.

You can trust IT NETWORK, INC. secure remote-support solution because we use a Citrix Online Product, which means we take advantage of the same security architecture as all Citrix Online products do: end-to-end Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.

It’s the same level of security that online banks use.

No unencrypted information is ever stored on our system, and we can only access your computers if you’re given us a permission.  


Remote Support Benefits

Our current "Remote Support Customers" find this beneficial because